VigRX Plus


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It has been almost 10 years since we were able to find the formula that allowed us to create and develop an amazing all natural pill for men. Not only is this pill all natural, but it is also safe and does not require any sort of prescription. We’ve been able to help millions of men get rid of the sexual dysfunction that they are suffering from with no side effects. VigRX Plus is a great herbal pill for any sexual problems.

Today, there are so many male sexual enhancement pills out there. But, Leading Edge Health has worked to create a product that has helped thousands of men around the world and have helped to get rid of the fear that men have of being embarrassed of the size of their erection.

Clinical Studies of VigRX Show:

Nearly a 60% increase in the ability to actually penetrate their partners when they used the VigRX Plus. Female partners actually found that the sex was better because their partner was able to penetrate them easier and the overall satisfaction was better. The even better part about the results was that the people taking the placebo actually had a decrease in satisfaction during the study. Here is a chart that shows the increase in pleasure and satisfaction with the partner and the person taking the VigRX Plus.

*All results that are shown were done as a triple placebo that was a blind test. This was all controlled and done at random as a clinical study that was sponsored by Vedic Life Sciences, Pvt. LTD. All individual results will vary based on the different people using this natural supplement.

Understanding the Way VigRX Plus Works

What you first have to understand is the way that the penis works. With the penis, there are basically two cylinders called corpora cavernosa. What happens is that when the penis is aroused, these cylinders basically expand and they end up filling with blood and that is what creates an erection. The problem is, the corpora cavernosa actually has limits as to the amount of blood that it can take in and that limits the size of your erection in terms of the length and the girth. A bigger problem is that when you get older, this capacity starts to decrease even more and that starts to get really scary.


What we found when we were clinically testing the VigRX is that you can actually increase the corpora cavernosa. But, in order to do that you are going to need to take a look at natural ingredients, only certain natural ingredients will work to do that. With that information, we were able to create VigRX, and turn out a great all natural supplements that has these ingredients. From test after test, we were able to determine the exact amounts of those natural supplements to create the most effective dosage.

We didn’t stop doing research once we created the VigRX, we actually have continued to do more and more research to make sure that are product is the most effective. Recently, we actually added in one more key ingredient, Bioperene. Through the clinical studies that we had been doing, and by adding Bioperene we actually have helped to increase the absorption rates with the other ingredients, making it more effective. This is why you are always going to find that VigRX is a standard that all other supplements for penile enhancement should be judged off of.

Here is What You Can Expect When You Use VigRX and their Cutting Edge Formula

  • Month 1 – This is basically your phase of using this pill where you are building up. When you are taking VigRX in month 1 it starts the creation of those harder and firmer erections.
  • Month 2 – Everything is starting to work and things are starting to get really exciting. In this month, you should start to see some pretty significant changes in the way that your penis looks when it is erect. You should also start to notice that you have more sexual stamina.
  • Month 3 – In this month, everything is going great. You have erections that are harder, stronger, and longer. This is what you started taking VigRX for.
  • Month 4 through 12 – Everything is flowing along and is going wonderful. The more you take it, the better results that you are going to see.

Sure, not all men are going to experience these results along this exact timetable, but make sure that you are taking the erection pills as prescribed and at the correct dosage so you can start judging your results.

Don’t Worry About Side Effects

Most people automatically jump to the conclusion in the medical profession that if you have a problem with sexual dysfunction you need prescription medications or possibly even invasive surgery. But, what happens is that these methods just cause side effects that can be dangerous or just a pain to deal with. There are other alternative methods that don’t use any medication such as penis pumps, rings, straps, and much more. These are just terrible and end up doing more damage to the penis than helping with the issue. Today, more and more medical doctors are starting to endorse VigRX Plus for males with sexual dysfunction even though they are generally resistant to naturopathic medicine.